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Le Salon des Internautes

home of the perpetually doubtful and those that are sure of their ground

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What is Le Salon des Internautes?/Qu'est-ce que le Salon Des Internautes?

It is a virtual Salon, imagined and named after the Parisians Salons of the Enlightenment/Il s'agit d'un salon virtuel, pensé et conçu d'après les Salons parisiens des Lumières. We drew our inspiration from those 18th Salons but ours is definitely rooted in the 21st century/ Nous nous sommes inspirées de ces salons du XVIII ème mais le nôtre est fermement ancré dans le XXIème siècle.

We made a bet/C'est un pari!

But it seemed to us that the web and its networks suited the Salon project by providing a convenient and comfy place for intellectual exchanges and a Republic of Letters- an old humanist idea that may have reached its peak during the 18th century/Mais il nous a semblé que la toile et ses réseaux se prêtaient bien au projet du Salon en pourvoyant un lieu cosy et propice aux échanges intellectuels pour une République des Lettres- ancienne notion humaniste qui a peut-être connu son apogée au XVIII ème siècle.

Les Salons des Lumières

Frances and I will play the salonnières here, but the Salon wouldn't exist without its guests/ Frances et moi joueront les salonnières ici, mais le Salon n'existerait pas sans ses invités...

Who can visit the Salon and speak?/Qui peut visiter le Salon et s'exprimer?

Anybody. You don't even need to be a LJ user to enter the Salon./Tout le monde. Vous n'avez pas besoin d'avoir un compte sur LJ pour entrer dans le Salon.

How to post in our Salon? Where to go? /Comment poster? Où aller?

Obviously our Salon is bilingual, English and French are the languages to use here/Notre salon, à l'évidence, est bilingue. Français et Anglais sont ses langues de prédilection.

Rules, plan and timetable/Règles, plan et emploi du temps

Don't forget to use LJ-cut if your entry is long or if it contains spoilers. We have 6 tags that are like rooms or specific areas in our salon, tied in with themes of discussion and days:

On Monday, have a seat and some Tea, Scones and Madeleines. It's a day devoted to literature (prose or poetry) and discussions on books in general...

"Et bientôt, machinalement, accablé par la morne journée et la perspective d'un triste lendemain, je portai à mes lèvres une cuillerée du thé où j'avais laissé s'amollir un morceau de madeleine. Mais à l'instant même où la gorgée mêlée des miettes du gâteau toucha mon palais, je tressaillis, attentif à ce qui se passait d'extraordinaire en moi."

On Tuesday, the couch is yours with Pop-corn, Choc-ice or TV dinner. It's the day for movies (you saw in theatres, on tv, or on DvD)and television.

On Wednesday, it's time for a bit of Philosophy in the Smoking Room, the kind of stuff that makes your head smoke. Because a cigar is not always only a cigar.

On Thursday, let's be musical and take a place in The Piano Corner. Any kind of music can be discussed, shared or enjoyed online. The Salon can even turn into a ballroom. So put your red shoes on!

On Friday, we can gather for Coffeetable-Conversations. Life in society is analyzed, social issues are raised, naughty discussions are welcome...Come clean!

On Saturday, c'est le plaisir des yeux, have a look at The Exhibition Wall. There we discuss paintings, photographs, street art, etc. Don't be shy and post your own work.

On Sunday, The Carpet is All Yours...You're free to discuss any topic. May the carpet fly!

Please use the right tag and try to follow the timetable when you make an entry. (For correct tagging: check our entry tags listing.) Of course you can leave comments on a previous entry any day of the week, and thus carry on discussions despite our rigid schedule.

And because we know that some people can't remain seated and may want to wander in our Salon, we also have two special "errant tags" that can be used any day:

Corridor Chat for impromptu discussions between our guests...Obviously an element of chaos flexibility!

The Looking-Glass for meta-discussions and mises en abîme. You can even check your make-up at the same time.

We encourage our guests to speak and share, we expect them to play musical chairs, but listening in to our discussions is allowed of course. There isn't any day/room devoted to science simply because discussing science can occur in various places, about books on Monday, during a debate over cosmogony in the Smoking Room, or at the Coffee Table. Besides if you have a science matter close to your heart, there's still the Sunday Carpet or the Corridor Chat !

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